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Condo 14
140 Alto Alps Road, Alto NM 88312


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2-Story condo with three bedrooms on top floor and one bedroom on main floor. Secluded area with great view off the deck. Close to the front making it easer access to the main roads. Washer and Dryer on main level and plenty of closet space. Alto Mountain Village Condominiums are perched on the mountainside nestled among the majestic pines or clinging to a precipitous mountain ridge, these Condominiums blend subtly with their surroundings, while highlighting existing features of the forest terrain. Each condominium is designed to immediately establish rapport of house and land by preserving the most impressive natural features of the Alto topography. The result is a condominium that gracefully partakes of its restful environment and maintains an ambiance of serenity Edit Text

Home Features

Price:     $245.00 Regular     $285.00 Holiday   
Rooms:      4
Baths:       2
Style:        2-story                                

Contact: Paul Heath 336-9900

Alto Mountain Village
200 Alto Alps Road Alto , New Mexico 88312
Phone: 575-336-9900